At MCRC we pride ourselves in having an experience staff that value our high standards of service excellence. Our experienced, highly trained staff have a diverse background of research experience providing a variety of high quality services to meet all your clinical research needs.

Our staff include:

•Certified and Experienced Coordinators

•Regulatory Specialist

•ACLS critical care EMT’s and nurses

•Investigational Drug Pharmacy Specialist

•Certified Laboratory Technicians and Phlebotomists

•EDC Specialists

•Quality Assurance Specialist

•Dedicated Recruiters

MCRC provides quick study start up and a quality finish for each project. Our strict quality standards produce accurate data, real time results with minimal queries and rapid regulatory response. To accommodate the needs of our Sponsors we offer the following services:

•Dedicated Regulatory Staff

•Certified and Experienced Coordinators

•QA Department

•Board Certified Investigators

•EDC Specialists

•Dedicated Recruiters for rapid enrollment

•Dedicated Monitor space with computer access

•Study participant tracking

•One week turn around for budgets and contracts

MCRC’s recruitment services are comprised of a dedicated recruitment and marketing department with and on-site call center. Our recruitment team focuses on referral and subject database management, trail marketing and developing strong relationships with referring partners including physicians, community outreach centers and health organizations to actively market our studies within the community. Our effective strategy is a result of protocol-based phone screening, effective and direct advertising, reliable referral sources and a research database of over 70,000 previous and potential research subjects.

Areas of experience include:


•Rheumatoid Arthritis





•Psoriatic Arthritis

•Ankylosing Spondylitis




•Cardiovascular Disease



•Smoking Cessation


•OTC conversion