Metroplex Clinical Research Center (MCRC) was founded in 1984 by Medical Directors Roy M. Fleischmann and Stanley B. Cohen. Dr. Fleischmann and Dr. Cohen have 50 years combined clinical research experience and have completed over 1,000 Phase I – IV clinical trials.

Although our primary research focus is rheumatology, we have experience in many therapeutic areas including:


•Rheumatoid Arthritis     •Osteoarthritis     •Lupus     •Heartburn
•Osteoporosis     •Psoriatic Arthritis     •Ankylosing Spondylitis
•Vaccines     •Hypertension     •Smoking Cessation      •Obesity


For more information on our site, visit Facility/Capabilities. MCRC has been involved in developing new investigational RA medications for 25 years, serving as one of the original research sites to conduct trials with Enbrel in 1993 and in the development of newer investigational drugs. The physician’s private practice, Rheumatology Associates, and MCRC have a combined database of more than 50,000 individuals. This includes private patients, individuals who have participated in clinical trials or those who have expressed an interest in clinical trials. The physicians at MCRC are heavily involved in designing, conducting and analyzing clinical trials as well as reporting the results at national and international scientific meetings.

MCRC is experienced in the following:

  • Phase I-IV
  • Pharmacokinetic/Pharmacodynamic
  • Dose Ranging Studies
  • Drug-Drug Interaction Studies
  • Safety & Efficacy
  • Proof of Concept Studies
  • Inpatient/Outpatient Studies
  • Device
  • OTC Conversions

Always on the cusp of innovation in clinical research, MCRC opened its Phase I Unit in late 2007. MCRC’s phase 1 unit has 12 beds for overnight monitoring by highly trained EMT/ Paramedic staff. (For more information visit our Phase I section.)